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Find two very popular hash at special price:

Ketama Gold and Super Pollen ! 

<0,2% of THC*

*in compliance with the applicable European legislation


Ketama Gold

CBD = 20% | THC < 0.2%

Authentic CBD Hash Ketama Gold, with a pleasant golden color and an old-fashioned Moroccan production method.


Super Pollen

CBD = 15% | THC < 0.2%

The Hash CBD Super Pollen is developed from 100% organic CBD flowers and an extraction by sieving, to guarantee you a quality organic product


Premium swiss flowers

Pack of 3x500g of premium quality Swiss indoor flowers at a great price!
Amnesia - Pineapple - Strawberry

How does it work ?

CBD Flash provides new offers at great prices every month

1. Fill in your personal information in the space provided (name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address) so that we can contact you quickly.

2. Select the seller with whom you wish to exchange, they are all French speaking. Some of them speak English, German, Italian and even Russian!

3. Choose the variety of flowers you wish to order and indicate the quantity you are interested in, before sending your request. *The price is degressive according to the quantity. The higher the quantity ordered, the better the price. A 15% discount is added to the basic price. 

For example:

5kg — 1650€/kg
au lieu de 2200€/kg

15kg — 1537.50€/kg
au lieu de 2050€/kg

50kg — 1425€/kg
au lieu de 1900€/kg

4. In less than 24 hours, you will be contacted by the seller who will make you an offer.

Do not hesitate any longer! Fill your stock quickly, easily and at a lower cost.

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